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Stay Away Monster Spray


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Do you have a kiddo who is easily scared of monsters, baddies, ghosts, zombies or creepy crawlies? Then this little gift will be a welcome addition to your home.

Each bottle has 2 stickers, a front and back which gives for a real authentic look, ensuring those clever kiddos don’t question the authenticity of the bottle.

To use it’s simple: secretly fill it with monster repellent (water), and spray in scary areas to ease worried minds. Please be careful not to spray in dangerous places eg near electrics etc

*Each bottle holds 100ml of liquid. We send them empty to ensure safe transit. These bottles will ship as large letter


Additional Information:

➼  Each bottle holds 100ml of liquid.
➼  Bottles are sent empty to ensure they don’t leak in transit.
➼  These bottles will ship as a Royal Mail large letter.



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