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Sticker Design

  • Custom Sticker Design
    • A new sticker design.
  • Additional Sticker Revisions.
    • Alteration to an existing sticker design.


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Often, we need to rely on other people’s skills to succeed. We don’t all have every skill needed in life, and that’s ok, If I needed a new cardigan, I couldn’t just whip myself one up.

So, with that in mind we’ve decided it’s time to offer our design services. We’ve done it as a “hobby” for many years. Now is the time to put ourselves out there properly. Whether that’s a specific sticker design you’d like or a logo, we have you covered.

For the stickers, we offer 2 different services.

The first, Custom Sticker Design is for someone who has a product but can’t design the sticker.

Let’s use a candle maker for example.
A candle sticker may need a logo, tag line and fragrance name adding.

Simply add lots of details to the box provided to ensure we can see your vision. Don’t forget to add the label size too as this makes a huge difference when we design.

The Second option is Additional Sticker Revisions.
They are perfect for the candle maker who needs to add some variations to their design.

This one would be for changing the fragrance name on the design we did or altering a colour etc.

  • We will only edit designs that we have created ourselves.
  • By purchasing these sticker options you are purchasing the design time and not the files. If you’d like to purchase the files to print elsewhere, please contact us for a quote.
  • You are NOT obligated to purchase stickers once the design is complete, however, sticker designs are only retained for 12 months on file if they aren’t used.


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