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Reward Stickers




When the lockdowns of 2020 / 2021 happened and we we’re subjected to homeschooling we learned a few things at StickEm…

Number 1 – teachers are worth their weight in bloody gold.
Number 2 – kids can eat you out of house and home in minutes.
Number 3 – a deeper understanding of why some animals eat their young.
Number 4 – Reward stickers are like little nuggets of bribery awesomeness and one should always have a supply to hand going forwards in life!

A set of 12 reward stickers in packs of 36’s or 60’s they’re perfect for homeschooling.

Our 45mm round stickers come with a gloss finish as standard allowing for that luxurious finish your rightly deserve.


Please note:
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    • Colours may vary due to print/screen resolution differences.
    • Screens display in RGB and we print in CMYK – this causes printing differences to visuals on screen.

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