The current lead time is 10 days


Everything at StickEm is printed to order. Generally, the lead time on orders is 1 week. However, this
can vary, depending on whether we’re experiencing a quiet/busy spell. If you look at the shop banner at the on
the website, you will see lead-times.
You will see the most accurate lead time on the checkout page where you will select a checkbox to confirm
you understand the lead time.
If you see 2 different times due to catching us updating or due to human error, the checkbox at the checkout
will be the one to follow.
To check on your order status, click the My Account page.

To order simply browse the items in the shop, follow the details on the product page (e.g., add an
image/additional wording etc) and add your items to your basket, next move to the checkout page to
complete your order via Stripe (our card payment provider).

No, you don’t you’ll have the option to check out as a guest or create an account. However, we strongly
recommend you do create an account so you can come back and find out what stage your order is at, and
whether you need to provide any additional information.

We recommend you add to your safe sender’s list in your emails, otherwise, we
may go into your junk folder.

To check on your order status, click the My Account page or from the main menu, log in and select Orders
from the sidebar.
You will see:
• Order Number – This will show your order number. You can click the order number to be taken to the
specific order details.
• Date – This shows the date you placed your order.
• Status – The status of the order (explained in more details below)
• Total – This is the total cost of your order and how many items you ordered.
• Actions – Clicking View will take you to the specific order details (like clicking the order number
When viewing the Specific order details, you will be able to see more in-depth details of;
• What you ordered
• The cost
• Your payment method
• Your address details
• The option to order again – selecting this will add the entire order to your basket.
o If we no longer stock that product, you will be prompted by the messages:
This basket has been filled with the items from your previous order or
An item which is no longer available was removed from your basket.

We have various stages to the ordering status some of which you won’t see, and some you will, below we
explain ALL the status you MAY see when ordering with us.

Pending Payment.
• Order received
• No payment details provided or
• Awaiting payment (unpaid).

• Payment received
• The stock has been held for you,
• Awaiting action from StickEm.
• Completed/Dispatched.
• Order fulfilled and completed (shipped)
• Requires no further action.

On hold.
• Awaiting Payment.
• The stock has been held for you.
• StickEm should manually confirm your payment was received.
• StickEm requires further information.

• Cancelled by StickEm.
• Cancelled by you, the customer.
• No further action required.

• Refunded by StickEm.
• No further action required.
• Awaiting payment (unpaid).

• Payment failed or was declined (unpaid)
• Further action is required by you if we are to fulfil your order.

If you haven’t given us the required information at the time of placing your order (such as custom
requirements for your labels / uploading your design) then you’ll receive an email over the next couple of days
detailing what you need to provide.
It’s important that you complete the request and get it back to us as soon as you can, to prevent any delays
with completing your order.

No, we’re not VAT registered and thus cannot charge VAT on our products.


We’re located at StickEm, 20 Lanark Close, Heywood, Greater Manchester, OL10 3ND

You can contact us in the following ways:
Website Contact Form
Written letter to StickEm, 20 Lanark Close, Heywood, Greater Manchester, OL10 3ND

Absolutely, contact us requesting access and we’ll get right on it.

All our labels are proudly printed in our Greater Manchester premises.

Products & Services

Maybe. It depends on your budget and timescales. If you’re willing to pay extra for bespoke printing sizes than
contact us to see what we can do. Otherwise, we would advise you to use a standard print size.

Contact us to let us know how we can help, and we will let you know if it’s possible.
We value all enquiries as it helps us ensure our customers are happy. If you want it in a particular style/design,
we’re sure others have thought it too.

Absolutely, you can purchase that here.

Absolutely, drop us an email and we’ll send you something out.

Our labels and stickers are in a gloss finish as standard. Gloss is much more suited to our professional grade
printer and allows the colours to pop.
We have some matt stickers in stock in our 76×50 size, however, if you want to have matt in any other size, we
can look to ordering them in. Please contact us for more information.

Being kind to the environment is something we strive to achieve. As we send stickers, we do have to ensure
they withhold the wet and windy postal system but as we grow and develop, we will invest in more
environmentally positive practices. All our stickers are FSC certified.


We have a very complex calculator that enables our system to quote postage depending on the size of your
order and your location.
For the most accurate price, add your items to the basket and add your address for an instant calculation.
We know sometimes tech gremlins appear so if the price seems unusually high, contact us and we’ll get one of
the team to manually quote the postage for you.

No, unfortunately not. Our insurance doesn’t cover us for customers to visit the premises.

The final dates we can get products into the post office to reach you before Christmas 2021 are available on
on the Royal Mail Website.
Please Note our turnaround times need to be considered. For example:
If the Royal Mail postage date is the 10th, and we have a 7-day turnaround time you must order by the 2nd at
the latest to ensure the postage cut-off can be met.