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Review Stickers | 6 Designs


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Review Stickers:

Experience the power of customer feedback with our exclusive Review Stickers! These stickers are a great way to remind customers to leave a review. Strategically place them on your products, in-store displays or packaging to politely encourage your customers for their valuable feedback. These stickers are made up of durable material, ensuring they last. Don’t miss out on the rewards of customer reviews, let our Review Stickers maximize your potential today.


Sticker sizes for you to choose from are:

35 mm round (about 1.3 inches)
50 mm round (about 2 inches)


Review Stickers Additional Info:

Hey there, just wanted to share some additional info regarding our Review Stickers:

We always use high-quality materials to ensure the best possible results for your stickers.

When it comes to design, we’ll make sure your image fits the label you choose. If your design has a black/grey border around the edge, we’ll use it as a visual aid and remove it during print unless you tell us otherwise.

If you’re ordering less than 100 stickers, they’ll arrive ‘folded’ in either a fan fold or Concertina style.

For orders over 100 stickers, we’ll ship them on a cardboard roll as standard.

However, if you want your stickers to come in a different format, feel free to contact us before submitting your order. We’re here to help!


Important points to keep in mind:

Our circle stickers come with a square print bleed, simply peel away the circle.

Please be aware that the images provided are solely for the purpose of illustration.

There may be differences in colour due to variations in print and screen resolution.

If you encounter any difficulties in attaching media, please send it via email to and ensure that your order number is mentioned in the subject line.

We do not print anything that is subject to copyright or trademark laws. By submitting artwork for printing, you agree that you have the necessary rights to use the attached/sent files.

Dispatch times are largely dependent upon the timely submission of files and approval of proofs. In case you have a specific deadline, please get in touch with us BEFORE placing your order.


Oh before we forget:

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