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Consumer Rights

(1) You have 14 days from receipt of the goods to inform you wish to cancel.

(2) You have 14 days from requesting your cancellation to return the goods to

(3) Upon receipt of your goods back to you will be refunded to the payment method used during checkout.

  • A deduction to the refund may be made if the value of the goods has been reduced because of you handling the goods more than was necessary.
  • The extent to which you can handle the goods is the same as it would be if you were assessing them in a shop.


(4) will only refund the basic delivery cost of getting the goods to you if you opted for enhanced services eg if you paid Special Delivery Guaranteed, only the basic cost will be refunded.

(5) Exemptions to the above terms where the right to cancel doesn’t apply include:

  • CDs, DVDs, or software if you’ve broken the seal on the wrapping
  • Perishable items
  • Tailor-made items
  • Personalised items
  • Custom printed items
  • Goods with a seal for health protection and hygiene reasons that have been broken.
  • Goods that have been mixed inseparably with other items after delivery.

(1) StickEm adheres to these conditions on all selling platforms not just at

(2) StickEm WILL supply digital content within the 14-day cancellation period unless the customer has given their express consent to this NOT happening.

(3) Customers will lose their right to cancel once the download starts.

  • Exceptions to this will be made if proof of a duplicate purchase is shown eg;
    • purchasing a file twice by mistake
    • as a gesture of goodwill, StickEm will refund within 14 days of notice.


(4) If the customer doesn’t give consent, the customer MUST wait until the cancellation period has ended BEFORE they can download or be sent the digital content. This is to ensure the digital content is what you want before downloading it.

(1) is responsible for the condition of the goods until the goods are received by the customer, or by someone else the customer has nominated to receive them on their behalf e.g. a neighbour.

(2) There is a default delivery period of 30 days during which needs to deliver the goods to the customer unless a longer period has been agreed.

(3) will obtain tracking numbers for items larger than a Royal Mail Large Letter. Orders sent as a large letter or below will only have proof of label purchase and not proof of postage.

(4) If the delivery can’t be made within 30 days, isn’t time essential and another reasonable delivery time can’t be agreed upon, you’re also within your right to cancel the order for a full refund.

(1) The goods sent out by will be;

  • of satisfactory quality
  • fit for purpose
  • and as described.

The above is defined as:

  • Satisfactory quality:
    • The goods shouldn’t be faulty or damaged when they arrive.
    • Faults or damage should be reported within 30 days.
    • Keep in mind what is defined as satisfactory for the goods in question eg
      • bargain-bucket products won’t be held to as high standards as luxury goods.
  • Fit for purpose:
    • The goods should be fit for the purpose they are supplied for, as well as any specific purpose the customer made known to before agreeing to buy the goods.
  • As described:
    • The goods supplied must match any description given or any models or samples shown to you at the time of purchase.


(2) Physical and digital products will be repaired or replaced if they develop a fault. If this isn’t possible or is unsuccessful, the customer has the right to receive a price reduction.

(3) Faulty goods will be returned using a signature required delivery service and a full refund including return shipping will be provided where necessary.

(1) If any returns are sent without the correct postage paid, these fees will be deducted from the customer’s refund.

(2) Forced returns will have the fees deducted from the customer’s refund.

(3) Items are NOT considered lost until the time elapses as per the carrier website. e.g. Royal Mail.

(1) International orders MUST be marked as RETURNS.

Failure to mark a return will cause our customs fee to be deducted from your refund, or in the offer of replacement we will send another bill to cover the cost of our customs charges.

When a refund occurs, any fees incurred are payable via invoice.

(1) Fees incurred due to;

  • A customer fault:
    • failed delivery
    • incorrect shipping details

will be payable via invoice to StickEm within 30 days.

(2) Fees incurred due to;

  • A StickEm fault:
    • failed delivery
    • incorrect shipping details
    • incorrect postage amount paid

will be payable via invoice to the customer within 14 days.

(1) This does not affect your statutory rights.

This page was last updated 17/11/2022