current lead time is 10 Days

As a family, we’re pretty “normal”, whatever that may be!

We’re a family of 4+1 dog, living on a good ole council estate in the Northwest of England, we’ve got
a long list of ailments between us ranging from Autism, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Myalgic
Encephalomyelitis, EDS, Hearing Loss and most likely a whole heap of other bits and pieces to boot!
But despite all that, we grab our big people pants, pull them up high and make the best of some
pretty shitty situations!

When we’re not hard at work or poorly and resting you’ll find us chillin’ out and being crazy as a
family. We love playing on the switch and kicking ass at Mario kart (Katie is the current reigning
champion in our house), days out making memories and enjoying nights in with the banter (we’re a
sarcastic bunch too). We also love movies, eating out and Martial Arts too.

When we’re not in the StickEm Studio or bring crazy, you’ll find us hard at work at Jujitsu, it’s a
martial art’s business we own and within 12 months we’ll be a complete family of black belts!
(c’mon Kiera, you’re almost there!)

Want to know more about StickEm or us as a Family?

Contact us for a natter, we mean it; we reply to our messages/emails personally, mainly because
we’re not big enough to hire staff yet!
Who knows, you could be our first “proper” employee!

Peace & Love, The StickEm Staff