Current lead time: 7 days

Current lead time: 7 days

Current lead time: 7 days

About us

Hey, hey!

How’s it going? I’m Emmie, the brains behind StickEm. To be honest, it’s just me and my husband. But using “us” feels like I’m not alone in this crazy world of business, so we’ll just go with that.

So without further ado, here’s more about us:

First up, some quick facts about me, so you know where I’m coming from. I’m a rainbow-loving, coffee-guzzling potty-mouthed Christmas Addict!

As a family, we’re pretty “normal,” whatever that may be. We’re a family of 4 + a pug living on a good ol’ council estate in the Northwest of England.

As well as running StickEm and being a mama and wife, I’m also learning to get to grips with my Anxiety Disorder and ADHD! Despite the aforementioned—and yes, there is ALWAYS an “unmentioned” when it comes to mental health issues—we grab our big people pants and pull them up high and make the best of some pretty shitty days! 

When we’re not hard at work or procrastinating, we’re chillin’ out. We love hanging out as a family. Right now, our favourite thing to do together is the game Cards Against Humanity.

We also own a martial arts organisation and spend heaps of time in the dojo. Hopefully soon, we’ll be a complete family of black belts! (C’mon Kiera, you’re almost there!)

If you want to know more about StickEm or us as a family, contact us for a natter.

We reply personally—because we don’t have any staff yet!

Who knows, you could be our first “proper” employee!

Peace & Love